Lord Acula Von Doom


Dr. Acula von Doom began his illustrious service in the war after being conscripted as a crewman aboard the Pequod, a converted whaling ship which saw action early in the war when it was used to secretly evacuate nobles from a city under siege. One night while sneaking out of the harbor, the ship was attacked by enemy forces, and von Doom distinguished himself by valiantly risking his life to protect a noblewoman who would turn out to be the future queen. Rumors even persist of a secret affair between the two which took place during this time, but they are officially denied by both parties.

For his meritius service, von Doom was given command of the Adventure, a small but fast frigate which he sailed with a small but loyal crew throughout the rest of the war, including his twin sister, Dr. Annabelle von Doom, who pushed him to study medicine before the war began. His career highlights include the capture of the Dread Pirate Whitebeard, from whom von Doom claimed a fine cutlass which he still wields to this day, and his contribution to the Battle of Fort Mountains Hold, for which he was appointed as a Lord of Winterapple Grove, though his sister was unfortunately lost in the battle after the ship she was on, the Nosferatu, suffered a devastating surprise attack and was captured with all hands by enemy forces.

Recently granted a Letter of Marque from the King, von Doom now sales the high seas as a royal privateer, a service which recently suffered a slight setback when the Adventure was attacked by the Barbossa Pirate Gang and sunk; von Doom and his core crew barely escaped with their lives, and in response he has vowed swift and just retribution by initiating heavy crackdowns on smuggling and piracy throughout the region.

Lord Acula Von Doom

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