Lord Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze

Dwarf, Cleric, The Holy Hammer, Master Builder


Know for being a healer in the battle of Fort Mountains Hold, he was given the title of “The Holy Hammer” for his impressive combat abilities and healing powers. As of recently, von Klenze was appointed a Lord for Winterapple Grove.

During the war, Klenze was known for his nimble and quick maneuverability on the battle field. Dodging attacks while defending and healing the wounded, he was awarded for his humanitarian efforts and presented a circlet that he continues to wear to this day.

After the war he picked up where his father left off. His father was a master architect who was conscripted to fight in the same war von Klenze volunteered for Despite his best efforts, von Klenze was unable to reach his father in time to heal his wounds delivered by an unusually tall Mountain Dwarf.

Taking after his father, he dedicated the remainder of his life to seeing his fathers life work completed; an impenetrable city that will last through out the ages.

Lord Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze

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