Lords of Winterapple Grove

Orcs, Ghosts and sewers
War is coming

35th day of Avander

The day started with a meeting to discuss the issues in the town. Mainly the wolves issue in farmer livestock, goblins in the lower district, the smell in the pie shop, a blackened well, and a captured prisoner. The day changed when it was discovered that the well and the smell come from a rupture in the sewer line that leads to the main water supply. Both the builder and doctor took on the epidemic that is ongoing. A book was collected and an ultimatum was made by Polly Mink that for his release that he will reveal the pages of the book. The party was attacked by ‘the second suns’ for the book and all died except for 1 that was taken to the barracks for questioning.

Day 36th of Avander

The spirits walked the river out to sea, the guard captain and privateer went to investigate and found that smoke loomed from a nearby town. Further investigation by subordinates found the town destroyed. The head farmer sent out and adventuring party to investigate further. Orc tribe lead by William Blake asks for peaceful residence and it is accepted. Privateer is whisked away by a ship. ‘The second sun’ member died by latent unidentified rot spell. Head farmer and Ed chase goblin to sewer.

New day

13th day of Avander

King lorded 2 officers after the battle for Mt. Fourthnore and assigned them to Winterapple Grove to be apart of a new council there.
Lord Acula Von Doom left by boat, Lord Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze left by carriage.
Lord Von Doom received his licence to be a privateer of the crown, Lord von Klenze gained position as city planner and master builder.
Lord Von Doom boasted that his crew would arrive in a fortnight.

15th day of Avander

Lord Von Doom’s ship was reportedly sank by pirates.

27th day of Avander

Lord von Klenze arrived in Winterapple grove began planing to build a wall.

30th day of Avander

Lord Von Doom arrived with crew on parts of a broken ship. Reportedly walked onto dock from a sinking lifeboat. Later he convened with Lord Leopold.

33rd day of Avander

Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze received funds for a city wall project from city reserves. Lord Von Doom received funds from city reserves to acquire ship and supplies.

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